The Story Behind the Shirt | Dragon Slayer

What is a Dragon Slayer and why do we want to bring attention and celebrate this?

The myth of the dragon slayer shows up in every Hero’s Journey story, and from a popular culture perspective we can look to the characters of Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen. Superman, Forrest Gump. In historical, literary and legendary figures we can look to Joan of Arc, Goliath, St. George, Jane Eyre, William Wallace, Odysseus, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa and more

Why are these figures everywhere and what are they trying to demonstrate and tell us?

We find these  figures littered all throughout humanities’ historical timeline and they keep reappearing – all seemingly telling the same story over and over.

Ultimately, The Dragon Slayer finds themselves in a most decisive crisis and emerges victorious. They are the supreme conquerors of darkness, hate, fear and injustice. How were they able to yield the sword, the saber, the wand, or the bow? Where did they find the discipline, courage and inner resources? Can ordinary people achieve these things? And, are you one of them?

In the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, “The dragon is that which guards the pot of gold.” Ask yourself what dragon is guarding your “pot of gold” and how shall you overcome?

Curious or have a dragon to slay? Here’s a few of our favorite resources:
War of Art | Steven Pressfield
Turning Pro | Steven Pressfield

The Hero’s Journey | Joseph Campbell
Any 12 Step Program
Illogical | Ammanuel Acho
12 Rules for Life | Jordan Peterson

The Surrender Experiment | Michael Singer

Finding Joe | Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Rashida Jones, Sir Ken Robinson

Let’s have a conversation and share what has helped you on your heroes journey:

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