Evolution Happens at the Breaking Point

It is indeed a scary time in our evolutionary history, as we transition through the ages of industrial to technological revolution, or according to Hindu beliefs as we traverse through the four Yugic cycles. Many conditions and belief systems attribute to and try to shed light on our human and planetary evolution, but whatever state of world condition is driving our experiences, or whichever metaphor lends itself to the highest truth, we have witnessed evolution always happens at the breaking point. Thus, perhaps presently, we could be of good cheer?

As founder of ThirdEyeTshirts and a seeker of the Truth, I like to ascribe to and contemplate these ideas:

"The end of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven." A Course in Miracles – Ch11:1

"Well, what is the worst that can happen – maybe we will blow ourselves off the planet — but Consciousness will go on and the Captain is at the Helm." Emmet Fox

One thing for sure is how we move forward depends first on our individual and then, on our collective intent. Communication, a sincere effort at open-mindedness, and growth towards understanding and kindness seem imperative while in the crucible. Indeed it is quite the tall order that begs each of us to reach for our highest selves. You could even say the world depends upon it.

Our mission and attempt here at ThirdEyeTshirts is simply to contribute to our evolution by sharing perennial truths and philosophies (while desperately trying to dodge ideology and time-bound rigid belief systems) that contribute to our forward progress in a positive way. If you find something that resonates with you, communicate it, share it and maybe even wear it.

Tread Gently and May the Force be with You,


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