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Sep 15, 2022

A Constituent with No Candidate (again and again and again) …..

Melody Taylor

I really want to keep ThirdEyeTshirts apolitical, but I just feel compelled to express these ideas and it's my compan...
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Aug 5, 2022

The Belly of the Beast

Melody Taylor

Wow, really had an interesting experience last night and just had to expound upon the thoughts and ideas rolling arou...
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Aug 1, 2022

ThirdEyeTshirts Weekly Resource Post

Melody Taylor

A few of our favorite things: » The Seat of the Soul | Gary Zukav » What I do Daily to Stay Sane | Russell Brand » A Course in Miracles » Eckhart Tolle | Essential Teachings Podcast » Autobiography of a Yogi | Paramahansa Yogananda
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Jul 27, 2022

Two Wizards | Russell Brand + Duncan Trussell

Melody Taylor

ThirdEyeTshirts® loves to follow these guys and had to jot down and share these Duncan Trussell quotes from Russell Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast.   » The revolutionary spirit is an eternal spirit.  » The collective shadow is manifested as the corrupt world leaders of the planet.  The more desperate they see the closer we are to victory.  » The closer we get to winning – the more scary shit we will see happen.Click on blog title to read the full post.
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Jul 5, 2022

Evolution Happens at the Breaking Point

Melody Taylor

It is indeed a scary time in our evolutionary history, as we transition through the ages of industrial to technological revolution, or according to Hindu beliefs as we traverse through the four Yugic cycles. Many conditions and belief systems attribute to and try to shed light on our human and planetary evolution, but whatever state of world condition is driving our experiences, or whichever metaphor lends itself to the highest truth, we have witnessed evolution always happens at the breaking point. Thus, perhaps presently, we could be of good cheer? Click on blog title to read the full post.
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