The Forces That Drive

So my brilliant marketing/PR guy (that sounds big – we are a full on force of two working on ThirdEye after our day jobs) suggested as we attempt to flesh out, release and promote this brand that I answer this question: Where and how did my spiritual/quest exploration begin? Hmmm... deep question. Let me take a crack at that without writing a full on devastating memoir. I do however have the title to said memoir, "The Curse Breaker." But that's it. A title and a cover design. Anything beyond that is an oral telling at this point.

Anyway, turns out I possess an innate spiritual curiosity and I have always been interested in distilling things down to their elemental truths; but moreover, I was driven by a lash of hellfire for release from my personal demons and a desire (more like an absolute necessity) to live a naturally whole and peaceful life. Honestly, had I any other choice this is NOT the path I would have chosen.

After stumbling and trudging along many roads, I subscribe to the “Earth school” idea that I have been incarnated here to transcend and grow. Okay, where is the curriculum manual on that? There are a lot of religions and spiritual paths that claim ownership of that publication.

Along my torturous journey. Wait. Stop. I need to expand a bit on that. Folks, I really had been dealt a bad hand, poverty, violence, foster homes, and a family rife with tragedy, mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism. No one’s fault in particular, just more like a generational curse that turned out to be my inheritance. Along my torturous journey, it was suggested/required that my life on this plane was dependent on finding a Power Greater than Myself, lest I destroy myself by utilizing my methods of producing happiness, via the bottle and the pill. Now, I don’t condemn myself for that choice or disease, but I literally had no other good idea on how to stay alive without some sort of anesthestic. In my line of thinking and experience, if there was a God or a Power Greater than Myself they were most certainly not on my team.

What exactly does a shattered, burned out, suicidal ideational, jaded person subscribe to? Not a clue here. But it did quietly occur to me I liked Star Wars so maybe I could start with the Force behind Luke Skywalker. Funny to say that is where after all my traversing, I land now. T.S. Eliot says, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

I digress. It was further suggested/required that I seek what is right in each of the beliefs and systems I found. Also, if something didn’t particularly resonate with me, I could take what I like and leave the rest. So over the years, I have read and devoured many spiritual books and explored many religions and spiritual traditions to which I am no expert on any. I kind of like to take a sip from each cup and then merrily skip on my way to the next.

What are your drivers, how and what have you found along the way? Or perhaps you are curious or driven by a lash of hellfire – let us hear about your journey and how your path is unfolding at our ThirdEye Community Forum. We are listening.

May the Force Be With You,

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