Light Admist Despair

Last night I received some unexpected unfortunate news about a family member’s health status. It of course sent me into a spiral of depression and angst as in my opinion, my family and I have suffered far more than our fair share of unfortunate and tragic life circumstances and outcomes due largely in part to bad genetics and poor choices. I went into prayer and meditation in a crushing existential emotional crisis not really expecting any comfort or perspective. Glad I was wrong. Here are the key takeaways from my Higher Power’s answer to my plea.

1. We are ALL on the way out of here. Even the luckiest wealthiest person you know or know of.
2. Even if you live to a 100 life is short.
3. This is not our True Home. Some might even say this is an illusion and not the real world
4. All we can do is offer comfort, help and hope to each other as we pass through – which sounds a lot like Love in Action to me.

This may not bring a lot of comfort or direction to all,  but it helped me tremendously and now I’m going to “work” with a renewed sense of purpose and a revived inner light and strength.

Melody Taylor

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