A Constituent with No Candidate (again and again and again) …..

I really want to keep ThirdEyeTshirts apolitical, but I just feel compelled to express these ideas and it's my company and my blog – so there. ;)

During the course of my years, I have traversed the political and ideological terrain between the far right and the far left and at an advancing age, I am finding balance, my true voice and the confidence to speak it. So here it is – I am primarily conservative, but I am not inhumane. I am also deeply spiritual – why else would I name a company ThirdEye? My pendulum swings wide – I like heavy metal and ballet.

Ok, back to politics and ideology. I’ve looked at all the labels and I just don’t neatly fit into any of them and given more information and circumstances as they currently present themselves, I may change my mind or my position. I care deeply about our planet and all life forms. I believe all sides should be heard, seriously considered, and respected. One of my favorite quotes is, “Some of the information is not all of the information.”

I also believe in personal accountability, small government, freedom and security. I know that people are happiest when they reach for their highest potential and integrity by maximizing the opportunities that are available to them. BE AS THEY MAY. 

I was a foster kid whose first job was at a fast-food restaurant and I took pride in my work and saw it as an opportunity. Guess who later became restaurant manager? And since then, developed a freelance communications and design career. AND in times of great personal need and trouble, I had a hand up, but required to do my part, lest I become a victim.

What about those who truly have no opportunity or the deck is stacked impossibly high against them. They do exist and are the ones who are deserving of assistance and should be afforded it.This can be extremely difficult to quantify, but sometimes it is very obvious.

Let’s go a step further and take a look at our justice system. I think it is one of the best on the planet, but we have to recognize the U.S. justice system is tied to the legal team you can afford. You can hardly call this justice.

Abortion? I land at pro-contraception on that issue. I am just glad I never had to make that decision and feel deeply sorrowful for the true victims that need and deserve assistance. 

So where are my political leaders?

I live in Austin, TX so I am going to be presented with the choice of Abbott or Beto – a real conundrum for me because neither, or both. I don’t think that is a viable ballot option.

If there is someone answering my call, you have my vote and I suspect a lot of others as well.

Haven't made the shirt yet, but thinking on it.

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