The Belly of the Beast

Wow, really had an interesting experience last night and just had to expound upon the thoughts and ideas rolling around in my head. Living in Austin, TX I have the good fortune of having access to some of the most incredible music, comedians and venues. Last night was the Vulcan Theater in the heart of the Dante Infernoesque Dirty Sixth Street to see Joe Rogan and Company (Hans Kim, Sam Tripoli, Tony Hinchcliffe).

Now, I know what I'm signing up for when I walk into a place like this, and I like to explore all experiences and ideas;  the right, the left, the liberal, the conservative, the dark and the light (I like heavy metal and ballet) – all of it. I'm just damn curious and the extremes always catch my attention while I'm hopefully on the way to some sort of sane and kind balance of being and expression. Anyway, comedy can be the art form of the profoundly offensive, but it is frequently based in clear, heart-piericing true perception. I walked away from this particular show pondering the ancient and mythic archetype of the fool, the trickster, the court jester; or the comedian. This sacred archetype straddles the worlds of dark and light in almost perfect whiplash unison (no wonder they all seem a little brilliantly unhinged), while most often missing the point of balance, harmony, coherence, and the Buddhist specified Clear Light that exists in between the two — excluding Russell Brand. He appears to be on his way, and I have the sinking suspicion (clues are evident) that Joe Rogan will arrive as well.

When this archetype achieves this most pointed balance, the scales level, the equation is solved and true transcendence occurs. But while in the midst of his struggle, he is revealing and teaching each of us while we are woundingly laughing. Those who possess the necessary insight, curiosity, sensitivity AND who are brave enough, are brought to the brink of serious contemplation on the subject(s) he presents.

Now, for the BIG QUESTIONS — where do I want arrive? What is the Destination I am seeking, and do I possess the Integrity to get there?
 It is the ultimate Hero's Journey quest that each of us who are playing our assigned roles are destined to find ourselves on. And until we are are all in the great cosmic tragicomedy and realize where we are being called – the trickster will continue to make us laugh and cry while revealing the shifting interplay of dark and light.

Power to the Trickster,

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